Ausrapid Incorporated is a national organisation established in 1986 to assist the inclusion of people with an integration difficulty, primarily those with an intellectual disability, into the mainstream community using sport and recreational activity as the medium.

Ausrapid has worked in this capacity for many years within the Australian sporting and recreational sector with outstanding success and is proud of the increasing numbers of sporting and recreational organisations taking responsibility for inclusion.

Ausrapid does not conduct events nor brand people, but rather liaises and builds the capacity of State, National and International organisations to include participants with an intellectual disability in programs within their structure with the focus on ability and based on social inclusion principles.

Ausrapid’s vision – “Community inclusion through sport and recreation”, is perfectly highlighted when a mainstream sporting or recreational provider owns the delivery of their activity for all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability.

Ausrapid has eight State/Territory member organisations which all espouse the same philosophy.

Ausrapid is proudly supported by the Australian Government, a strong supporter of Australian Sport. The Australian Sports Commission, ASC is the government body which develops, manages and invests in sport at all levels in Australia.

The Lord’s Taverners Austarlia and their branches
are the proud sponsors of the

Lord’s Taverners Shield

AUSRAPID would like to acknowledge:

Lord’s Taverners Australia Victorian Branch
Lord’s Taverners Australia South Australian Branch
Lord’s Taverners Australia New South Wales Branch
Lord’s Taverners Australia Queensland Branch
Lord’s Taverners Australia West Australian Branch

The Lord’s Taverners Australia Victorian Branch are the major sponsor of the
Australian Tennis Championships