AUSRAPID views integration to be the inclusion of persons with an intellectual disability into the activities of generic sporting and recreational bodies at a level denoted by the ability and choice of each individual ie. participating in grades, divisions or activities which are age and ability appropriate.

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• Current information on integrated sport and recreation opportunities
• Quarterly newsletter
• Resources – videos, papers
• Speakers – seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences
• Advice and consultation to National organisations
• Representaton on International councils and technical committees
• Dissemination of information to member organisations
• Advocacy and lobbying to ensure access to all community facilities and funds
• Facilitation of the inclusion of athletes with an intellectual disability into sport and recreation activities at local, state, national and international level
• Support and enables participation of elite athletes in Paralympic and World Championship Events

National Organisations Including People with a Disability
• Athletics Australia
• Australian Football League
• Australian Futsal Federation
• Australian Gymnastics Federation
• Indoor Cricket Australia
• Australian Touch Association Inc
• Australian Yachting Federation
• Basketball Australia
• Bocce Federation of Australia
• Bowls Australia
• Cricket Australia
• Netball Australia
• Riding for the Disabled
• Rowing Australia
• Swimming Australia Limited
• Table Tennis Australia
• Tennis Australia
• Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd
• Wintersport Australia