You may be wondering what has happened to the AUSRAPID website… Yes, its looking very sparse at the moment, but don’t panic! All of the content you need access to will be back online again soon in a reworked and refreshed AUSRAPID website.

While the existing site served AUSRAPID well (since the beginning of 2006), the team decided that it was time for a facelift.
When complete, the content within our new site will be easy to read with a tablet/iPad or smartphone/iPhone and of course via a desktop computer.
Most importantly, the new website will also allow the AUSRAPID team to make updates quickly and easily, so that you have immediate access to forms, documents and the latest news and events.

Our refreshed website is gradually nearing completion. We’re starting to re-populate the pages with content and re-link all attachments too. This process does take time and we are also re-evaluating where information is placed within the site to improve user access. This means that you’ll be able to visit our site and quickly get the information you need.

On behalf of the AUSRAPID team, I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience, but I anticipate that the new website will definitely enhance the flow of information and news to their valued athletes and community members.

Mal Webster – Web Manager/Designer

If you need to make immediate contact with a member of the AUSRAPID team, their details are:

4 Lowry Place
Benalla VIC 3672

International: +61 3 5762 7494
Australia: 03 5762 7494

International: +61 3 5762 3560
Australia: 03 5762 3560